« Chase your dreams but never fall in love with your own story » – Douglas Finazzi, Founder

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Our Fields of Work


We're harnessing the transformative power of data analytics to revolutionize the sports industry. Our Sport Ventures initiative is committed to advancing sports technology and business analytics, supporting ventures that deliver powerful insights into athletic performance and sports enterprise management. We're fostering a new era of data-driven decisions that enhance competitive edge, fan experiences, and operational excellence in the sporting world. Join us at the forefront of sports innovation where every statistic tells a story and every analysis can lead to victory.


Our dedication to knowledge and learning is the cornerstone of our Education Initiative. We partner with educational entrepreneurs and institutions that are reimagining the future of education. By leveraging technology and creative pedagogies, we seek to make learning more inclusive, effective, and inspiring. Our focus is on ventures that bridge educational gaps, equip learners with 21st-century skills, and nurture lifelong learning.


Our Circularity Projects are devoted to championing ventures that emphasize environmental sustainability and social equity. We collaborate with companies and startups engaged in creating circular products, services, and practices that contribute to a more sustainable and balanced ecosystem. Our goal is to support initiatives that not only generate profit but also conserve our resources and promote a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for everyone.


In a world driven by technological advancement, our Technology Projects are focused on backing ventures at the forefront of the digital revolution. From software startups to hardware inventors, we empower businesses that are building the solutions of tomorrow. Our role is to accelerate ventures that harness technology to improve lives, streamline businesses, and create smarter, more connected communities.

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Our Metholody

Fondation Bricks: Initial Assessment

Begin your journey with an enlightening introduction to our vision of responsible enterprise. We assess your business model and align your goals with impactful practices.

Blueprint Assembly: Strategic Planning

We develop a strategic blueprint. Engage in workshops and training sessions that shape the structure of your responsible business model.

Brick-by-Brick Implementation: Initiatives Roll-Out

Watch your business evolve as we implement the strategic plan. Regular reviews ensure each brick fits perfectly, building a culture of innovation and responsibility.

Masterpiece Evaluation: Monitoring and Refining

Track your progress with our performance metrics. Performance tracking and feedback are like viewing your creation from different angles, ensuring every piece contributes to the overall success.

Brick Expansion: Growth framework

We help you to create more complex and grandiose structures, we assist you in elevating your business to new heights, ensuring a lasting impact in the realm of responsible enterprise.

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